Quilted Sapele Flute in E4 (E minor)

Native American style Flute

This is a premium piece of rare, Quilted Sapele , my last piece I’ll have for who knows long.

NOTE: It requires decent lighting to see the depth of character, as in these photos.
Quite dark in low lighting, it flashes almost tiger’s eye-like depth & character in bright light.

7/8″ bore straight through, 1-piece body with uninterrupted grain.

Nice, low E4 fundamental that is quite noticeably deeper than, say, an F#.

Standard minor pentatonic scale, with cross-fingerings and some second register.

Penetrating “drying oil” finish is permanent but “in the wood, not on top” for natural burnished. semi-gloss durability. Flute wax is compatible but not necessary.

Shipping’s on TEN dollars (I share the cost including a premium shipping tube).

Sounds much like the ones I just did in Walnut: