Native American Style Flute, E4, Ash-Walnut-Abalone

Solid Hardwood E4 Native American Flute – Warbler

Standard pentatonic minor, with plenty extended scales (cross fingerings).

I’ve had a waiting list up until now, praise God and thanks to all for the great feedback.

Note: There are more pictures below than above (some are of the F#, which is the exact same except the E is longer with a lower pitch)

Celebrating our new, solid-boring setup :
This hardwood body of this flute is, now, bored straight through with a 7/8″ Sterling gun drill. It’s one piece with uninterrupted wood grain, not split long-ways, routed, and glued back together (not that that’s bad).

I have just two more E4 blanks made

Here is a very basic video with very basic audio of the primary scale and warbling, first dry, then with reverb (come come back and read the spec.’s) :

F#, A=440Hz, standard pentatonic minor scale (primary) built with intuitive cross-fingerings and some second register for extended scales and versatility.

Accent ring made of random, hand-fractured paua shell pieces (a very vivid subspecies of abalone) from a shoebox cache I collected on the beach with Mom in New Zealand 40 years ago. Stabilized with acrylic.

Subtle but Effective Finish:
This flute is not thickly coated or shiny — the thin “drying oils” harden in the wood, not on top. The wood is permanently well-protected and pretty, never thirsty or needing oil.

Also, claro walnut and especially ash like to finish a bit more matte than, say, maple, for me (even after 2 coats of drying oils), which gives it a sassafras-like look.

NOTE: Most of these pictures are of the F# which is a bit shorter… same exact model, otherwise. I have not had time for a separate photo shoot. Here is one quick pic taken of the E I’m shipping to David W. today, but from too far away for detail. But this shows the true, length/width proportion of the actual E flute:

Native American Style Flute in E

The rest of the pics are of the F#, so imagine these a couple of inches longer:Native American Style Flute

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