F# Native American Style Flute, Ukraine Tribute

Native American Style Flute in F#m made of sapele hardwood, with a Ukraine tribute of luminescent faux “Otter Marble” inlay that glows in the colors of their flag.

Fundamental note of F#4 (with all holes covered).
Standard A=440
Standard primary scale of pentatonic minor, with many intuitive cross-fingerings available.

Hear this flute HERE —> Urkaine Tribute NAsF DEMO

The primary wood is sapele, with a walnut mouthpiece and bird/block that have been ebonized, to a degree, with rust water (not to fool anyone they are ebony; just to provide contrast).

The blue and yellow glow-in-the-dark faux stone “Otter Marble” is made by me from minerals from Technoglow, stabilized with acrylic. It is inlay, not paint. Upon close inspection, the hues are lightly mottled (marbled) along with other, little whorls or “flaws” that emulate stone. Glow in the dark in these colors are a relatively newer thing (not the same minerals as the 80’s). You can charge them to a degree with light (esp. UV) but the most stunning effect is if you charge it for a decent duration in the sun. It will glow after sunset around the fire, or be quite luminescent if you walk indoors. It’s not electric neon but it adds extra fun and will last a lifetime unless stored in direct sunlight.

The finish is a thin, penetrating, “drying oil” mix that hardens in the wood, not on top. It also gets treated with Odie’s Oil as a topcoat containing the best waxes I’ve ever seen. While you can use flute wax, it is not necessary as the polymerization of the oils is permanent (very protective but not thick or shiny).

I included pics both indoors and outdoors, since sapele can look so different in in different light, to the point it’s funny that way. It actually looks much darker than any of these without direct lighting.

You can zoom in closer using the picture widget up top, or scroll through decent-sized pics below.

The camera doesn’t do well in the dark; the rings really do glow quite yellow and blue, not white and pale blue as depicted.

I only add $10 for shipping which is less than half what I spend, on average, after shipping and the very best shipping tubes (which are strong enough to keep and use for transport to gatherings).

Native American Style Flute