Amazing F# in Claro Walnut w/ Spalted Mulberry


Flute in F#

Black-Streaked Walnut and Spalted Mulberry


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Instrument:  Native American-style Flute

Key:  F#

Scale: Standard

Primary scale = Minor Pentatonic

+ Intuitive extended scales

Lovely voice; I could not be more pleased. 

If there is time I’ll do a demo, as it’s a fine example of how I work for every F# to sound, these days.

Native American style Flute

The blue and white swirl accent ring is mica stabilized with acrylic. Looking down from the very top it looks a little like a desert scene to me (this was taken before finishing the wood)

This flute just comes alive; it feels and plays amazingly, and I’m certain most people will agree, including some more discerning ones.

Our drying-oil finish winds up matte-to-semi-gloss after burnishing, with the permanent protection cured into the wood skin-deep (not lying on top like polyurethane etc.). Common, oil-based flute waxes are optional, not necessary, but compatible.


Just a little personal lore: the spalted (black lines of wood mushroom mycelium) mulberry wood sincerely grew nearby with a genuine gray wolf napping under it and nibbling its berries. Mulberry trees die of old age, eventually. The wolf’s name was Sophie and she was part of a conservation effort in captivity because someone bred and tamed her in the black market before losing her to escape. She gave me many wonderful hours toward caregiving certification, and will always be on my mind.